How to Get Dried Christmas Tree Sap & Water Stains Out of Carpet in Atlanta, GA

The time and the season is here that people are taking out their holiday decorations. The stockings are hung and the lights are out! Another staple during the holiday season is to pull out your Christmas tree. There are some people that will go with an artificial tree which is less likely to leave damage or stains on your carpets. If you are one of the people that want to have a live Christmas tree you need to be prepared for some of the mess that happens to come with it. They are a great addition to a home because they bring the scent of the tree as well as a beautiful decoration. The decorating of a natural tree is the same as any other tree but the cleanup is an entirely different story.

DM Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips On Cleaning Up Dried Sap & More After Your Live Christmas Tree

Clean Up Pine Needles from Carpet: When you go with a real live Christmas tree you are actually getting a tree that has been cut and will no longer be growing. That means that over time the tree will slowly start to die off and fall apart. There is a base that is used to water the tree so that it will last through the holiday season although it cannot stop the tree from all of the woes of a real tree but it can slow it down. One of the common problems that occur with a real tree is that the needles will start to fall off the tree. The needles will drop and of course they end up all over the carpet. When the pine needles start to dry off they can become very hard and be dangerous of you happen to step on one. You want to be sure that you take time each day to vacuum up the needles and empty out the vacuum. The needles can fill up fast so be sure that you are aware of how full the canister is.
Cleaning Up Water Stains on Carpet: The real tree means that you are going to have to add water to the base of the tree. Most people will use a cup or container that is filled with water then added to the base on a regular basis. The water on occasion can be spilled and that will cause water damage to your carpet. You want to be sure that you are careful when you fill the container and if you spill it is important that you dry it up as soon as possible. It is a great idea to have the carpets cleaned after the tree has been removed from the house.
Removing Christmas Tree Sap from Carpet: The other problem that you might have that is common from a pine tree is sap. Sap is not something to mess around with and you want to clean with care. The sap is very sticky and is hard to clean off the carpet and other surface. You can use warm water that has been mixed with dishwashing soap. Soak the area and work with a cloth to pull the water and soap out of the carpet.

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