Easiest Way to Clean Floor & Shower Tile & Grout Without Scrubbing in Sandy Springs, GA

Tile is often used for countertops and floors in kitchens and bathrooms because they are easily maintained and very durable. In addition to that, they look amazing. While the tile typically doesn’t suffer from stains, the grout is another story. Grout is very porous and has a grainy surface which means dirt, grease, oil and other sticky residue can make the grout lines look dirty and ruin the appearance of your home. DM Carpet Cleaning will share a few tips on how to help keep your tile and grout cleaner.

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There are varieties of materials used for tile. There are natural granite, marble and slate as well as manmade ceramic and porcelain types that come in a various colors, patterns, and even shapes. However, as beautiful as the tile may be, when the grout becomes stained, dirty, or even cracked, it can affect the look of the rest of the tile. While most tiles are stain proof and easily cleaned, it is the grout that requires more attention and care to help maintain a clean appearance. There are three types of grout that is used. These are flooring grout, cement, or epoxy-based grout that is used for tiling grout, and then there is the resin grout. Each type of grout has its own challenges when attempting to keep them clean. However, here are some tips that work wonders in cleaning grout and maintaining the tile in your home.

Best Ways to Clean Tile Grout in Shower & on Floors etc

• When tile or grout gets severely out of hand, and you have a large area of grout and tile to clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. It is much easier to maintain grout and tile than doing a major deep cleaning. A professional cleaning company has the experience, tools, and time to dedicate to cleaning the tile and grout properly.
• One method that is a little time consuming but still makes cleaning grout easy is to use baking soda and white wine vinegar to make a paste that you can apply. Using an old toothbrush dip the brush into the paste and scrub the grout, allow the paste to sit on the grout for at least 30 minutes, then rinse it away with warm water.
• On freshly cleaned or new grout, consider applying a silicon-base grout sealer to help protect the grout and prevent major build-up from occurring. You will find sealing the grout helps fight half of the battle when you want to keep your tile and grout clean.
• If the tile or grout is stained, then try using shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream on the stain and allow it to sit on the stain for a few minutes. With a scrub brush, clean the stain and then wipe it clean.
• For really stubborn stains, try making a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. As stated before, use a toothbrush to dip inside the paste and scrub the grout lines. Leave the paste on the grout for 30 minutes and then scrub the area again. Afterward, rinse the area clean with warm water.

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If you find the task of cleaning your tile and grout too big, or you don’t have the time, contact DM Carpet Cleaning. We provide many services including tile and grout cleaning. For a professional deep cleaning that will restore your home tile and grout, contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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