How to Deep Clean Old, Stained VCT Floors in Covington, GA; Stripping, Waxing & More

VCT or Vinyl Composite Tile is a common floor used in commercial or public buildings today. You will often see VCT in schools, hospitals and restaurants. VCT floors are durable and easily maintained. However, VCT flooring does require some maintenance or it can develop major damage that can be permanent leading to complete replacement of the floor. DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share the importance of VCT floor care and proper cleaning to ensure the floors’ longevity.

Restore Appearance of Commercial Vinyl Tile Floors

VCT floors have a shiny appearance because there is a protective wax that helps protect it from the elements and from impact or physical damages. Often when VCT is manufactured, the factory will apply a thin layer of wax to help protect the flooring. However, their intent is to protect the floor during shipping and not for long periods of time. When VCT flooring is installed it should also receive a new coat or sometimes even two coats of fresh wax to ensure the new floor is protected. The wax should be dried before furniture and other heavy items are placed on top of the floor. Most waxes will take up to 24 hours to completely dry.

Care for High Traffic VCT Flooring

Places such as schools that receive daily traffic can wear down the wax much more quickly. Shoes such as high heels and boots can take its toll on the wax floor as well and can cause scratches and dents in the VCT floor. Buildings with VCT that have a lot of traffic often require more care and maintenance. It is common for VCT floors that are exposed to high traffic to receive proper maintenance twice a year or every six months. The old wax is stripped away and the floors are cleaned and then re-waxed.

How to Strip & Wax a VCT Floor

When VCT flooring needs to be re-waxed it is important that the proper wax is used and also applied correctly. Not all waxes are made equal and brands can vary on application. Most VCT maintenance services have their preferred wax brand that they have experience using and trust. If you request your own wax to be used make sure you know how many coats will be required and the dry time. Never rush to place heavy items on the new wax. Most wax will need to completely dry before the second or third coat is applied. This will add to the amount of time before the floor can be walked on and the furniture brought back on the floor. To prolong maintenance, make sure you use mats, rugs or office chair floor mats to help protect the VCT from scratches, indents and premature wear of the wax.

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When VCT floors require maintenance it is recommended you use an experienced contractor that provides VCT stripping and re-waxing services. Professionals will use quality wax and equipment to ensure the VCT floor receives proper maintenance and extends the life of the VCT. DM Carpet Cleaning provides many services including VCT stripping and re-waxing services. We provide quality maintenance, equipment, and a high wax formula that will ensure the longevity of the VCT floor. To schedule one of our many services, contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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