How to Deep Clean Carpet Stairs in Snellville, GA; No Shoes in House, Keep Dogs & Cats Off Staircase & More

If you have stairs in your home you are probably aware that it can take come time to find the best way to keep them clean. Every different type of flooring that you have on your stairs has a unique method of cleaning that will keep your stairs clean and beautiful. Today DM Carpet Cleaning is going to share some tips with you on how to keep your carpeted staircase clean.

Taking Shoes Off in House

The first tip we have for you is to have your family and friends take their shoes off before they go upstairs. The bottom of your shoes end up with all sorts of dirt and grime on them as you walk around throughout the day. Wearing these shoes as you go up and down the stairs will stain your carpet. Simply eliminating shoes on the stairs will significantly increase the cleanliness of your carpet.

Keep Dogs & Cats Off Carpeted Stairs

Our next tip for keeping your carpeted stairs clean is to not allow any animals on your stairs. Even the cleanest of animals will track extra dirt onto the carpet on your stairs. In addition to tracking extra dirt onto your carpet, animals are notorious for ruining carpet. Sometimes they chew on the carpet and ruin it. Other times their claws accidentally snag your carpet and ruin it. Keeping your pets off the stairs will definitely help keep the carpet on your stairs stay clean.

Vacuum Carpet Stairs

Next up on our list is for you to make sure you vacuum your stairs regularly. This tip seems rather obvious but our experience has told us that most people do not follow this simple tip as well they should. Vacuuming your stairs can be such a pain! Believe me, we understand. We know how obnoxious it is to clean each and very stair. Just like the carpet in the rest of your house, it will never be able to stay clean if you do not vacuum it regularly. Make vacuuming your stairs a routine part of your house cleaning tasks.

Clean Stains on Carpet Stairs Right Away

Fourth on our list of tips is to clean any stains as soon as you notice them. The faster that you are able to clean up a stain on your carpet the easier it will be to get the stain out. When stains have ample time to sink deeper and deeper into your carpet removing it becomes a harder task than necessary. There are plenty of over the counter cleaning products that you can use to clean your carpets. Make sure that you carefully follow the directions on the product.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

The last thing that you want to do is make sure that you have DM Carpet Cleaning come out a few times a year and professionally clean the carpet on your stairs. Our technicians will use their expertise and tools to get rid of stains in your carpet that you will not be able to get on your own. Give us a call today to schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment.

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