Cleaning Durable Microfiber Upholstered Couches & Chenille Fabric Upholstery Sofa Sets in Norcross, GA

When you are choosing a couch for your home you are probably looking at some different options. You would take into consideration the size of the couch so that it will fit in the space that you have. You will also take into consideration the color of the couch because you want it to fit the scheme and décor of your home as well. These are of course important aspects of choosing a couch for your house but you also want to consider the durability of the couch and the best option for keeping it clean. If you have small kids you won’t pick a white couch and if you have cats you might not choose a dark blue couch. You want to find a way to make the couch work for you and your family. One thing to think about is the ease in which the couches fabric can be cleaned. There are several types of materials that might be used in a couch such as microfiber or chenille. These are two common options but they are very different. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines the difference between microfiber and chenille, and how to clean these types of fabric upholstery.

Cleaning Durable Microfiber Couch Fabric

A microfiber couch has become a very common and chosen couch for many people. It is a fabric has the same look of a suede or velvet. They not only look the same as these fabrics but they have the same feel as well. The great thing about a microfiber couch is that they are a very tightly woven material that uses very small thin strands of a synthetic fiber. The tight and compact fibers means that it is great for people that have pets that shed. The fibers are tight enough that the small particles are not able to penetrate through to the cushion. This means that the small dust mites, dirt and debris will likely stay on top of the fabric.

Chenille Sofa Cleaning

If you want to have a couch that offers more texture since the yarn that is used is layers and tufts are created. These come out of the couch in different lengths giving the couch a fluffy look. The great thing about a chenille couch is that it offers a soft cushion for you to relax and enjoy. It also offers a way to hide the overuse that can occur on couches. The chenille fabric is a great option if you have a home that uses the sofa often. The other aspect that many homeowners love is that the tufts of yarn create different areas for the light to hit that gives the couch a different look when the light hits it.

Cleaning Upholstered Fabric

There are some differences when it comes to cleaning these types of couches. The microfiber couch offers more in the way of at home cleaning. If you happen to get a spill you can use some cleaning solution to treat it yourself. You want to use caution so that the fabric is not damaged. The chenille fabric should be treated by a professional if you have a spill or stain. They both should be vacuumed to remove debris and to have them long lasting cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

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