How to Clean & Remove Old Tea, Pet & Other Stains from Carpet in Norcross, GA

Spots and stains can be a tedious chore to remedy, especially for people particularly protective of their carpet. When it comes to treating these blemishes, there are some techniques that can effectively remove the spots and stains, where others will make them more of a problem and potentially make it extraordinarily difficult if not impossible to remove. In an effort to help your preserve your carpets, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of the proper techniques and relate the ones that you should ultimately avoid.

Tips for Getting Stubborn Stains Out of Carpet

1) Scraping Stains from Carpet. There are many instances that require a little scraping such as gummy substances, hard substances, or to scoop up semi-solid or solid spills first. When it comes to scraping the excess off the surface it is important you use a dull edge such as from a spoon, spatula, or butter knife for example. You are not cutting the carpet, you are simply removing the bulky substance off the carpet before treating the potential stain. Additionally, you need to approach it with the right angle to avoid pushing the gunk deeper into the fibers and spreading them out across the fibers.
2) Extracting Excess Carpet Spills. When the spills are very liquidity, the excess moisture will need to be sopped up first. Over saturation can damage carpets and promote mold growth. Before applying any cleaner, the excess moisture should be blotted up with a towel, paper cloth, or rag. Leaving the area damp before administering chemicals is ideal. Those with a wet/dry vac or a carpet cleaning machine can extract the water easily as well, but again before using any cleaner.
3) Blotting at Carpet Stains. Blotting is one of the most important elements to the technique you need to clean the carpet spills. Blotting instead of scrubbing or rubbing is crucial throughout the process. The scrubbing and rubbing spread the substances and liquids out and into the fibers, making the mess bigger and potentially pushing the molecules into the carpet fibers. Whether you are sopping up liquid, managing the cleaner application, or removing the stain or spot, blotting is essential to effectively remove the spot without making the situation worse.
4) Carpet Cleaners. Some people prefer DIY cleaners where others prefer commercial cleaners. No matter which your preference is, a very important aspect in the technique is the patch test. Some chemicals can interact with the carpet fibers and dye, altering the color, fading it, or even damage the fiber itself. Even if it is a cleaner you use frequently, you never know when it will be reformulated. The patch test should include the chemical being applied in a small patch in an inconspicuous location.

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Stains and spots can be a challenge to remove, especially if you make it harder than necessary by using the wrong technique. Having a professional you can trust to help you combat stains and spots is just as important. If you come up against a tough stain or spot on your carpet, call DM Carpet Cleaning and let our experts do the rest.

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