How to Clean & Remove Old Dried Dog Poop, Pet Urine Stains & More at Covington, GA

One of the additions that people make to their house to make it a home is bringing in a new pet. The pet that is sought after most often is a dog. It is called a man’s best friend for a reason. A pet dog brings in a lot of benefits to your home that can include a loving companion. They also are a great way to add a level of security to your home by alerting you when someone is on your property. They are able to become a huge part of the house and family. Most people feel a level of comfort when they have a dog and studies have shown that people that have a dog will live linger and have less stress. Another addition that a dog brings to a house is a level of health. They require some work to keep them healthy and happy that includes going out on walks. This will get the owner out in the fresh air and being more active. Although dogs will bring some great benefits they can be a real problem for your carpet. They bring in a lot of different problems to carpets that will need to treated and cleaned.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists How Dogs Can Damage Your Carpets

Muddy Dog Paw Prints on Carpet: If you have a dog most people let them out of the house often. This may be in the form of a dog door that is installed. It will allow the dog access to the yard when they want to go out. Other people strictly allow the dog out of the house on a leash and when they take them out. No matter your way of taking the dog out they are sure to get dirty. They walk around outside in the rocks, grass and dirt while they find a spot to use the bathroom. This is then attached to their paws and surrounding fur. A dog is not able to wipe their feet on their way in and that is why the mess on their paws ends up on your carpet. They can track in mud and even dirt which you will be stuck trying to clean up.
Pet Urine & Feces Stains: Another problem you will have when you have a dog in the house comes from their accidents. If you have a new puppy they need time to learn where they are allowed to use the bathroom. In the mean time they are sure to have some accidents. This can be in the form of urine and feces. The biggest problem with a urine stain specifically is that it can soak in the fibers, backing and padding leaving a bad odor after the fact. These stains needs to be dully treated for the visible stain and odor as well.
Pet Hair & Dander on Carpet: When you are looking for the perfect dog for your family the last thing that you are thinking of is how much hair and dander they will be leaving around the house. Most dogs will have a full shed twice a year when they get their winter and summer coat. That means that you will have extra hair and dander on your couches, carpets and rugs. The rest of the year you are not off the hook. They continue to shed through the year as well.

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