How to Clean & Get Wet & Dry Spilled Nail Polish Stains Out of Carpet in Duluth, GA

If you have a daughter or women that live in your home you know that they use lots of product. There is special cream for their face, their favorite hair product, makeup and of course nail polish. Women put a lot of effort into the way they look. When they take time to look good they feel good and studies have shown that to be true. The problem is that these special products that they use can end up on your floor and carpets leaving stains in its path. When you find out that there is nail polish out you want to make sure that a cloth is used to cover your floors and other surfaces. You also want to make sure that you allow the polish to dry before you go out and start touching things. Even your partially dry nails can leave a stain on the carpet and other surfaces. If you have nail polish in the house it is a good idea to understand the best ways to clean it.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Methods to Remove Nail Polish from Carpets

Use Nail Polish Remover: Most people that have nail polish in their house also have the remover. That is so that when you want to take the polish off you can do it with ease. This is also a way to clean the stain off your carpet as well. You can use a cotton ball and soak it with the remover. You want to make sure you are careful with it and do a test if you can. This will make sure that the carpet is not being damaged. The cotton ball can be placed over the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. You can then dab at the spot and this should pull the stain up. Then you want to use a clean cloth and dab at the spot. You can then repeat the process if needed. If you want to use a milder option then this is not the method for you.
Use Hairspray to Remove Nail Polish Spills: The polish is something that is going to dry up and then stick to the carpet fibers. That is the reason that you want to make sure that you get to the spot as soon as you can. You can use hairspray from your bathroom to break down the polish. You want to make sure that you use a cloth with cold water and dab at the spot before you apply the hair spray. You then want to spray the hair spray directly to the spot and make sure that it is covered. It will help to break down the stain with a few drops of rubbing alcohol as well. You want to dab with a clean cloth after the spray has sat to remove the stain from the carpet.
Use Window Cleaning Solution to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet: The blue bottle of cleaning solution that you use to clean your windows and mirrors is great at cleaning a nail polish stain. You can use the window cleaner as a solution that is soaked into a cloth. Then you want to dab at the spot to allow the ammonia in the cleaner to break down the polish. You can follow up with a clean cloth and water to remove the stain as well as the cleaner that you used.

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