How Often Should You Clean Area Rugs in Chattahoochee Hills, GA to Remove Spots, Stains & More?

Your home is a place that you want to be able to enjoy and a place that shows off your personal décor and style. That is why most people choose to decorate with things that make them happy. You can use finishes such as paint, tile, carpet, hardwood, counters and more to lay a great foundation. You can also add pops of color and décor with throw pillows and area rugs. The great thing about area rugs is that they add the color and style that you want but it also has a secondary benefit. The area rug covers some area of the flooring whether it is carpet or hard floors. The area rug will protect the area of flooring that it is laid over the top but you need to be sure that they are cared for and cleaned properly. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines why you need to clean your area rugs in your house.

Clean Dirt & Debris from Area Rugs

One of the reasons that you want to make sure that your area rugs are cleaned is because they will be covered with dirt and debris. When you have a rug in an area it is the item that will get the most wear and tear from walking around and other debris. There are some people that remove the area rugs and then have their carpets cleaned or vacuumed. The problem is that the area rug has a lot of dirt, dust and debris and if you leave it not vacuumed and place it back on your clean carpet the mess will spread out. You want to make sure that you vacuum and have your area rugs cleaned professionally to remove the dirt and debris.

Remove Spots & Stains from Area Rugs

The area rugs that are on your floors can be what will take the brunt of the messes that otherwise would hit your carpets and tile. You may end up with spots and stains on your area rugs that will need to be treated to remove. If you leave the stains they can start to damage the rugs and that will lead to you needing to replace them sooner than you anticipated. When you have your carpets cleaned professionally you want to make sure that you add area rug cleaning as well. The rug cleaning can be done along with the carpets. They can treat any spots and stains that might be on your rugs as well.

Protecting & Extending the Life of Area Rugs

The area rugs are something that you spend your hard earned money on and that is why you want to make sure they last. The area rugs can be worn out and left dirty which will cause them to need replaced soon. When you have them cleaned professionally the area rugs will have a longer life and the look and feel will be better.

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