Deep Spring Cleaning Checklist in Johns Creek, GA; Clean Carpets, Furniture, Air Ducts & More

It’s getting close to spring which means its time to prepare for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the time to clean your home from top to bottom for a deep and thorough cleaning. For those who aren’t sure where to start, DM Carpet Cleaning will help walk you through the proper spring cleaning steps so you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier home.

Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean Walls & Ceilings – Walls and ceilings gather dust over time and spring cleaning is the prefect time to deal with all of the dust. Start with using either a vacuum or large duster to clean the ceilings. Next, clean the walls again. Either tool will work. Make sure to start at the very top of the walls and work side to side and down. This way you don’t have to worry about dust settling on your cleaned area. After removing the dust, use a damp rag with plain water and wipe down the ceiling and walls in the same patterns.
Cleaning Light Fixtures – While working from the top first, your next step is to clean all of the light fixtures. Again, this way the dust falls down first and gets cleaned last. Remove all of the dust on light fixtures and ceiling fans and wipe them clean with a basic multi-purpose cleaner. Tulip shades should be removed and hand washed and dried before placing them back on the fixture.
Washing Windows & Window Screens – Focus on the windows next. It doesn’t matter if you start inside or out as the cleaning methods are near the same. Start by using a vacuum or duster to remove as much of the dust as possible. Next, with a bucket mixture containing liquid dish soap and water, use a sponge to start cleaning the windows. Afterward, rinse the glass with plain water. Rinsing outside windows may be easier if use a hose. After removing the dirt and grime on the windows and they have been rinsed and dried, use your preferred glass cleaner to remove all of the streaks for a crystal clear shine. The window screens should be removed and hosed down and set aside to dry. Once they are dry, be sure to put them back on.
Furniture & Knick-Knacks Cleaning – Now set your focus on your home items, such as furniture, entertainment center, knick-knacks and general home décor. Begin removing dust and wiping all surfaces clean. Upholstery can be cleaned either by a professional or yourself. Remove all curtains and have them washed. Don’t put curtains back up until the very last.
Cleaning Floors – Leave floor cleaning to the very end of your spring cleaning. They will collect all of the dust and debris as you clean. Carpet should be vacuumed and deep cleaned either by a professional, which is highly recommended, or if you have a carpet cleaner you can do it yourself. Hardwood floors or tile should be swept clean and mopped. Rug should be cleaned and washed if possible to remove all bacteria inside the fibers.

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DM Carpet Cleaning can help with your spring cleaning in many ways. We provide general house cleaning, tile, wood floor, and carpet deep cleaning along with upholstery cleaning. Some additional services that you may also want to consider are air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning and exterior pressure wash cleaning to give your home a deep and thorough spring cleaning. If you need help tackling your spring cleaning, contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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