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Allergies can affect you seasonally, and others can endure them all year long. When it comes to combating the allergies, there are many contributing factors that can come into play. Medication, avoiding the allergen, and cleaning are the primary contributors. Today, we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips to help you keep your home clean while targeting the allergens to reduce them significantly.

Know what Triggers Your Allergies

There are different methods when it comes the care of indoor and outdoor allergens. Understanding what allergens trigger your families’ symptoms is important. Opening up windows can help if indoor allergens like dust, mold, and pet hair are causing a reaction airing out your home. When you keep your homes’ windows shut, grass tree pollen, or other outdoor allergens are lessened.

Common Triggers for Allergic Reactions:

– Grass, Tree, and Weed Pollen
– Mold Spores
– Dust Mites
– Cockroaches
– Dog & Cat Dander

Do HVAC Filters Help with Allergies?

Change your HVAC filter every 90 days, or 6-12 months without serious allergies if you have severe allergies. Between 7-12 should be what the MERV rating. A higher MERV does not mean better because too high you will have reduced airflow which can make your allergies worsen.

Clean Shower Curtains & Wash Bedding

Wash or replace your shower curtain. Generally, most shower curtains are machine washable and then can be rehung to dry. You can eliminate mold from the shower that can spread to other parts of the home by washing or replacing your shower curtain every so often. Also, help prevent mold growth when you reduce moisture and humidity in the bathroom, be sure to wipe drips off the floor, squeegee the shower walls, and use the exhaust fans. Due to all the skin flakes, dust, and germs that our sheets collect. Cleaning your pillows and mattress may help if your allergies worsen at night.

Dust to Remove Allergens & Keep Home Dry

Make sure to periodically dust window frame, door frame, ceiling fan, shelves, or windowsills. The hard-to-reach places can make a big impact on your allergies need to be dusted regularly since dust builds up everywhere. When it is pushed into the air, you are more likely to breathe in dust. Feather dusters usually just push dust around. Instead of pushing it around, use a damp paper towel or cloth you can trap the dust so it can actually be disposed of. Try and keep the house at 50% relative humidity or lower to help eliminate mold spores and dust mites. Dry and cooler homes are less likely to trigger allergy symptoms.

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For those that suffer chronically from allergies and even asthma, it is strongly recommended that carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture be vacuumed daily, or as often as possible, and professionally cleaned every 4 months, or at least once a year. In addition to providing quality rug, carpet and
upholstery cleaning
, D&M Carpet Cleaning offers home cleaning services to help you manage the allergens when you cannot. Call us today for your comprehensive cleaning services!

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