Carpet Dyeing & Patch Repair for How to Get Old Bleach Stains Out of Carpet in Belvedere Park, GA

In any setting, whether it be commercial or residential, at some point carpet will get bleach stains. Bleach or chlorine is found in a number of cleaners, topical medications, and hygiene products. Bleach stains can occur from a number of substances at any time. When carpets get bleach stains most feel as if the carpet stain is permanent and can’t be repaired. However, bleach stains can be repaired. Some of the common types of bleach stain repair is with carpet dyeing and with carpet patch repair. Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how these two methods can repair bleach stains.

What is a Bleach Spot or Stain?

Before understanding the different method of bleach spot repair, it is important to understand what a bleach spot is. Bleach and chlorine is a chemical that removes color pigments. When bleach is exposed to carpet the fibers lose the color compounds which results in pale or discolored spots on the carpet. It is important to know that when bleach, chlorine or other similar substances get on the carpet it removes the color as a result. You can’t clean or remove bleach stains since the color is now absent. With the loss of color you have two options, one to add the color back into the carpet or to cut out the bleached carpet and replace the carpet with a remnant piece. This is called a patch repair. However, which one is better?

Invisible Carpet Patch Repairs

When carpet is exposed to high amounts of bleach, the fiber can become damaged and begin to degrade. When the carpet becomes damaged due to the bleach or chemicals used on the carpet, often it is better to cut the damaged piece of carpet out and put in a new patch from a remnant. Depending on the condition of the carpet, patch repair may be the better option. Some types of carpet can’t be dyed such as polyester which is a synthetic carpet where the fibers are pre-colored before the carpet is manufactured. They are not dyed like other carpets. Polyester carpets are better candidates for carpet patch repair versus carpet dye repair.

Bleached Carpet Dye Repair

When repairing bleach spots one of the favored options is to dye the bleach spot. Bleach spots means the absent of color. When repairing bleach spots, adding the dye back into the carpet is easy. Most commercial settings don’t save their carpet which makes patch work much harder to do. Additionally, if the carpet condition is still good, re-dyeing the spot makes more sense. A carpet dye specialist can recreate the color of the carpet and apply the dye back into the carpet. The sight of the bleach stain is cleaned, then small amounts of the dye is worked back into the carpet. This removes the appearance of the stain completely. Whenever possible, dye repair is the best option.

Bleach Spot Repair & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

In commercial carpet in hotels, casinos, retail centers, offices and more, the stains can be easily, safely and quickly repaired. Bleach spots are not permanent. When you need your carpet’s bleach stains repaired contact the professionals. Schedule Carpet Dye-Tech services today.

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