Worst Carpet Stains in Stone Mountain, GA; Blood, Coffee & Red Wine Spills, Bleach Spots & More

Carpets provide a soft surface to subdue noise, create a perfect play area, and help keep toes warmer in the winter. However, they can be one of the hardest of flooring materials to keep clean and stain free. Since carpets are a blend of different fabrics, beside synthetic carpets, they tend to stain easily. When stains occur, it is important to react quickly to prevent a permanent stain in the carpets. Certain stains are far worse than others. DM Carpet Cleaning will cover the worst stains and spills on carpets and what is the best method to clean them.

How to Get Bleach Out of Carpet

Bleach is a strong disinfectant that too often is used to clean many surface areas. However, bleach should never be used on carpets as it can strip out the carpet color. When accidental spills occur, there isn’t much to do besides quickly blot at the spill and remove as much of the bleach as possible to reduce its effects. If the color has been removed, it can be recovered with carpet dyeing. Many carpet cleaning companies like DM Carpet Cleaning provide carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair which can easily restore bleach spots.

Cleaning Blood from Carpet

When accidental cuts and scrapes occur, blood can drip onto the carpet and stain them very quickly. When cuts happen, it is, of course, more important to tend to the wound before tending the carpet. If you are able, the carpet should be cleaned rather quickly. When cleaning blood on carpet it is best to use an enzyme laundry detergent with cold water to clean the blood out of the carpet.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet

Coffee can stain teeth with regular consumption and can stain carpet after one spill. Coffee can be another difficult stain to remove from the carpets. It can also be damaging as well. When coffee spills on the carpet, the liquid should be quickly blotted up with a clean cloth. A strong stain remover is needed to remove the coffee stain. However, professional carpet cleaning is often needed to completely remove the coffee stain.

How to Vanish Red Wine Stain on Carpet

Red wine not only can stain carpets, but the acidic properties can also damage the carpet fibers as well. Red wine stains can be difficult to remove which is why it is important to react quickly. When red wine spills occur, blot to stop the absorption of most of the liquid. Next, use club soda and pour it lightly over the spill, blot until clean. If the club soda fails, use baking soda and scrub over the stain until clean, or seek professional carpet cleaning.

How to Remove Set In Tomato & Sauce Stains

Tomatoes, in any form, such as ketchup, salsa, pasta sauce and more, can quickly stain carpets. To remove tomatoes in their various forms, it is always good to blot the stain with a damp cloth quickly. Use a mild mixture of water and dish soap to help remove the stain. In more severe cases, professional carpet cleaning services can help remove the remaining stains.

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One of the greatest weapon against nasty stains is professional carpet cleaning. If you need help cleaning or repairing your home carpets and more, contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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