Why Does Carpet Look Worse After DIY Cleaning in Berkeley Lake, GA? Using Too Much Soap, Not Rinsing After & More

Carpet stain and spot removal can be easily done with the help of online carpet stain removal guides. Though some stains can prove difficult, there are some that are easily removed with effective treatments. Generally, these guidelines are fairly direct, but some can be a little hazy. To help ensure proper carpet and spot removal, we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to list a few important “don’ts”.

Don’t Over Wet Carpet

There is usually moisture content in the spilled substances that made contact with the carpet. The liquid cleaning solution frequently requires repetitive steps to remove the stain completely, resulting in increased over soaking. Unfortunately, when there is oversaturation, mold and mildew can easily develop, as well as water damage that affects the sub floor, carpet pad, and carpet. Initially, blot up the excess moisture from the spill. To prevent the over soaking, be sure to have extra towels or paper towels, and blot the treated area to remove excess moisture in between applications.

Avoid Scrubbing & Rubbing Carpet Stains

When trying to erase the stains and spots from the carpet’s surface, it is a natural impulse to attack the spills. The circumstances are worsened however, when you scrub and rub the spills. The stains and spots are pushed deeper and spread out further when they are scrubbed and rubbed due to the pressure and motion. Begin blotting the exterior of the stain and work your way to the center when you treat the spots and stains. To control the spot as the blotting action lifts the stain, be sure to begin the outer rim and going inward.

Using Hot Water when Cleaning Carpet is a Mistake

To treat stains and spots, water is frequently the main ingredient. Typically, if water alone is needed, the guide distinctly shares whether you need warm or cool water. If there is uncertainty, simply use cool water to avoid making a spot permanent. Like when washing and drying stained clothes, the heat can set in stains on the carpets.

Always Rinse & Dry Carpets After Cleaning

There is still more to do when the stain is finally lifted. Dirt and debris are magnetized to the residual cleaners left behind. Use a water-damp cloth and blot residual cleaners from the surface. After the area is rinsed, dry the area well. Start by blotting the excess moisture using a dry cloth or towel. On the surface, leave dry towel that is weighted down overnight. After you are sure the area is dry, vacuum.

Don’t Skip Carpet Spot Cleaning Test

You want to ensure there is no damage to the carpet, so never skip the patch test, even if it is a familiar product or remedy. Though it is more common to see carpet lightening, the fibers can be compromised. Every time you treat the carpets, be sure to pick an inconspicuous area for a patch test.

Using Dyed / Printed Cloths to Treat Stains

It is crucial that you use plain white cloths, rags, paper towels, and towels. Utilizing any dyed or printed cleaning aids can be easily transferred to the carpet can easily create a stain on top of a stain. To avoid this predicament, only use plain white cleaning aids.

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