What does your Janitor do: Janitorial Service Job Description

Every office and building is different so how do you know that the janitorial service you have hired is doing everything you need them to? First of all you should have a specific list of what you need done when you are hiring a janitor that you can spot check to be sure that each item is being taken care of to your satisfaction. You also should have a price that is agreed upon based on the amount of work that is needed in your building. Let’s talk about how the price is decided.

D&M Carpet Cleaning has prepared this guide to how pricing is determined:

1. Pricing should not be a set amount on a chart. Not all offices are the same size and need the same type of work. You need to be able to decide an amount that is best for your space and be sure you are not paying more than you should be. You need to find a company like D&M Carpet Cleaning that offers customized service … and customized pricing to match!
2. Square footage is a big part of what makes up the price, but it is not the only thing. Another factor can include the amount of bathrooms and how big the kitchen is. If the company only asks for the square footage you may not be getting the price that works for you.
3. The person that is giving you a quote should see the location. If they are able to give you a quote without seeing it then they are probably not working on a unique option for you.
4. They also should want to know what type of work is done in the office. There are differences depending on what you do. If you are any type of a medical facility the cleaning will be different then if you were building wooden shelves. Each type of business has a different set of standards that are needed to clean it appropriately.

What Work are the Janitors going to Perform?

After you have hired a company and you are ready to have them start, you should know what work it is that they are going to be doing. When you made arrangements and prepared a contract they should have outlined the specifics of what would be done. Janitors will normally clean bathrooms and kitchen areas. They will remove any trash and add new liners. They will care for the floors whether that is vacuuming or mopping as well as dust and wipe down most other surfaces. Any specialty items can be talked about prior to the start of the contract. Call D&M Carpet Cleaning for a free consultation and estimate today!