Slate Natural Stone Tile & Grout Care in Pine Lake, GA; Cleaning, Sealing, Removing Spills & More

Slate is a natural stone that has a distinct surface, with a texture and feel all its own. Slate is quarried from out of the earth, usually from mountains. It is formed over long periods of time out of other existing rock types including quartz, mica, calcite, and muscovite among many others. These are compressed over long periods of time by heat and pressure until they bond into a homogeneous finely grained stone, that we know as slate. It comes in a wide range of colors, depending on the location and minerals of the particle slate. It is often black, gray and dark green, but can include shades of red, purple, blue and gold. Slate tiles can be used for flooring, back splashes, wall tiling, roofing, and a variety of other uses. With its natural stone striations and hue, no slate tile is the same. That means using slate will ensure that every space is unique.

Cleaning, Restoring & Caring for Slate

It is also true that slate can be delicate but that shouldn’t deter you from installing it in your home. You just need to know exactly how to care for it so it can look beautiful and last for a long time.
• Use area rugs and mats. Slate isn’t really designed to be comfortable flooring. It’s a good idea to use rugs and mats in high traffic areas. Doing so will make the floor feel more comfortable and it will stand up better to all the traffic. Area rugs are also a great way to complement your décor and protect the slate at the same time.
• Clean spills right away. You never want to let spills sit on your slate. Doing so can allow spills to seep into the tile and cause problems. Problems like potential damage ad staining. You need to clean spills up right away. Even sealed slate can be affected if a spill sits for too long.
• Use pH neutral cleaning products. You must use the right cleaning products when you clean your slate. The cleaning product must have a neutral pH to lower the chance that it will breakdown the sealant that is designed to protect your slate. Choose products formulated for slate or natural stone surfaces.
• Have slate sealed once a year. We’ve mentioned sealants and it’s important to reseal your slate flooring yearly. Slate is porous and if it’s not sealed on a regular basis, it will soak up liquids easily. You should only have it sealed by professionals to ensure it’s done properly. DIY solutions are tricky to apply and can cause more harm than good if they’re not done right.
• Pick up furniture when you move it. Do not drag furniture across your slate flooring as it can damage it. Always carry your furniture when you need to move it. If it’s too heavy, use rugs, or blankets to move it to protect your flooring.

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Slate tile is beautiful and a natural choice for any surface. DM Carpet Cleaning provides a full array of natural stone maintenance, cleaning, sealing, and restoration services. Give us a call to schedule service today!

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