Pressure Washing FAQ in Sandy Springs, GA; Can Power Washes Cause Damage & More

Pressure washing is service done by skilled professionals that utilize pressurized water machines and special formulated cleaners to effective clean large exterior service areas. When it comes to this beneficial service, many consumers have their questions. We at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to answer the more common of the frequently asked questions concerning pressure cleaning.

Pressure Washing FAQ

Q: How is pressure cleaning beneficial for residential and commercial properties?
A: Having increased the importance of its use than ever before, pressure washing is the most effective way to remove dirt and bacteria, allergy residues, mildew and mold, layers of pollution and other forms of contaminates from the exterior surfaces of your home or business that are easily carried inside on the bottom of shoes and other means. Not only does it improve the cleanliness and overall health, but pressure washing prevents a lot of damage from occurring that is produced by harmful contaminates as well as increases curb appeal.
Q: Are DIY pressure washing rental machines just as effective as professional services?
A: Unfortunately not as so. Those that do not possess the proper training can damage surfaces if they are not careful and the machines are not of quality workmanship and the cleaners available to unlicensed consumers are nowhere near as concentrated or effective.
Q: How frequently do I schedule professional exterior pressure cleaning services?
A: This question is difficult to give a straight forward answer as it has several factors involved. Weather conditioners, climate, foot traffic, vehicle traffic, dirt accumulation, rate of microbe growth; and so on play a part. Commercial properties typically are services more frequently due to the volume of people.
Q: Can pressure cleaning cause surface damage?
A: As previously mentioned, those who do not know what they are doing can potentially inflict damage, but a trained professional can get the job done quickly and safely.
Q: What surfaces can be cleaned with pressure washing?
A: Residential surfaces include the follow examples:
– Rooftops and Gutters
– House Siding
– Multiple Story Windows
– Porches
– Decks
– Swimming Decks and Hot Tub Decks
– Garage Floors
– Driveways
– Sidewalks
– Bricks and Concrete
– Fences and Sea Walls
– And more
Commercial exterior surfaces include many of the above examples as well as the following:
– Storefronts
– Dumpster Pads
– Garbage Bins
– Parking Lots
– Sidewalks
– And More
Q: What can be removed with pressure cleaning?
A: Generally the pressure cleaning can remove the following examples:
– Dirt, Dust, Mud
– Germs, Bacteria
– Mildew, Mold
– Wild Life Nesting, Waste
– Grease, Oil
– Chewed Gum
– Rust Stains
– Graffiti
– Pollution Residue
– Contaminates
– Allergens
– And More
Q: Are the chemicals used in pressure washing safe?
A: Most professionals utilize environmentally safe cleaning products, but that is a question you should ask your contractor.
Q: Is there any prep work I should do prior to my service?
A: Park vehicles out of the way, and remove any movable objects from the area you are having cleaned is helpful.

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