Janitorial Services are More than Just Cleaners in Chamblee, GA; Prevent Trips, Slips, Falls of DIY Cleaning & More

When people envision janitorial services for their business, taking out the trash, wiping down services, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning the bathrooms are just some of the basics people think of. For your staff and customers, janitorial services are also about their health and safety. Janitorial services go beyond cleaning as professionals incorporate the health and safety of your employees and visitors. To elaborate briefly on why professional janitorial services are more than cleaning specialists, we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity.

Risks & Hazards of Office Staff Cleaning Building

Where they half-heartedly go through the motions of their assignments, many managers and owners will often delegate the cleaning duties to staff members but this often builds resentment, low productivity, and other health hazards. From improper use of back injuries from heavy lifting, slipping and tripping on wet floors, and so on, one of the top leading causes of accidental injuries in the workplace stem from untrained personnel performing cleaning and maintenance duties such as falling. Below are some prime examples for outsourcing the janitorial services to professionals, such as D&M Carpet Cleaning can reduce a lot of risk from the proper applications.

Prevent Falls in Workplace

Professional cleaning experts are properly trained and experienced on utilizing ladders, stepstool, scaffolding, and other climbing aids, preventing falls from various heights. Cleaning equipment including vacuums, power washers, and other heavy-duty equipment is appropriately used to appropriate lift the professionals.

Safe Handling of Chemicals

To maximize cleaning as well as safety, recontamination and improper handling of cleaning chemicals are essential. In order to disinfect and clean the various surfaces in nearly any commercial setting professional cleaning experts know the correct applications of the chemicals used. While benefiting the necessary clean they provide, professionals are aware of the safety precautions needed for various cleaning chemicals and how to avoid injuries to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Leading to breathing noxious fumes and accidental contact with skin or eyes, most of the cleaning products are not common with your employees.

Avoid Injury from Trips & Slips

To include the safety of everyone on your property, there is training in all manner of janitorial work. Issues that lead to tripping, slipping, and falling, or causing damage to flooring and other surfaces, and professionals avoid hazards. With proper and effective cleaning and prevention tactics, professionals are more aware of the risk of lawsuits and how to deter them.
Janitorial professionals have the equipment and cleaning aids to take care of commercial elements including the drawers and cabinets are closed, trash cans are out of the path, and any greasy, slick floors are properly cleaned and fried along with the correct procedures to ensure accidental falls are prevented.

Janitorial, Commercial Cleaning & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

Your staff has it knowing they have a safe and clean workplace to spend their work week at, peace of mind is also given to not only the business owners and knowing that their commercial space is well cleaned. Giving your visitors they comfort of such environment as well, efficiently cleaned establishments are safe, healthy, and clean. Call in the experts of D&M Carpet Cleaning to ensure your workplace is cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized with quality services.

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