How to Neutralize & Remove Common Carpet Smells & Odors like Stinky Feet in Conyers, GA

When it comes to odors, they are not always obvious to homeowners. Over time, the smells become more dominant and until it becomes plainly obvious no longer the length of time left smelling the stink, you don’t realize the odors until after you left for a spell. Once you arrive you home, you may notice the odors only to have it dissipate as you grow accustomed to it. But your visitors will notice the smell and continue to notice it. Where there are many DIY remedies that can sometimes work, most simply mask the odors, knowing what the odors derive from is half the battle as they dictate the appropriate method. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to relate the most common sources to carpet odors in your Greater Atlanta, GA home.

Why Carpet Smells like Stinky Feet, Moldy & More

Drink and food spills on carpet: Spills, mostly for food and drinks, top the list as the source carpet odors evolve from. In these food and beverage stains, when not efficiently cleaned up, will produce gasses as the bacteria in the food and drink break down, causing the smells. If not treated right away, the odors only get worse. The most effective way to remove these odors, is professional carpet cleaning, where they can also remove the stains, bacteria, and debris as well.
Contact with moisture: If you are smelling odors from your carpets that are musty, water/liquid exposure is likely the culprit. Many may not realize that moisture has seeped under the carpet, padding and maybe even the subfloor. spills from overfilled potted plants, flooding appliances, an open window, during a rainstorm, or even excessive humidity in the air can contribute to moisture under the carpeting. If the water is not immediately extracted, the moisture help creates mold and mildew that results in odors, accelerated deterioration of the surfaces it is contact with, and be a health risk.
Pet odors on carpet: Carpets can quickly retain odors caused from pet accidents, especially with pets that have continual accidents. Not only can the pet urine, feces, and vomit smells from the nature of the substance, but bacteria is drawn to the waste where it will release gasses that are pungent, especially when the pet accident festers for any time. The only effective element that removes pet accident odors is cleaners equipped with enzymes. Severe odors can usually only be removed with the help of professional carpet cleaning, but it is optimal to inform the professional prior to the appointment of your goals so they can be better prepared. In some cases, the more severe odors require carpet replacement.
Tobacco / cigarette smoking carpet smells: The carpet fibers absorb cigarette or other smoking products, especially when smoked indoors. Visors, or if you are trying to sell your home and the potential buyers come by, can be offended by the ashy smell of smoking odors, even if they are smokers themselves. Where there are few methods that can eliminate these odors molecules from the carpet, professional carpet cleaning can significantly contribute to the removal.
End of carpet lifespan: When the carpets reach the end of their lifespan and the fibers are decaying, the break down of these fibers emit an unpleasant odor. Carpets that smell because of old age need to be replaced.

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To remove these common odors and other unwanted smells from your Greater Atlanta, Georgia carpets, call DM Carpet Cleaning and let our specialists take care of the rest.

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