How to Get Muddy Footprints & Dirt Soil Stains Out of Carpet in Conyers, GA

The carpet in your home is something that most people want to keep looking their best. They need to be vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis to keep them from looking old and dingy. The other part that comes with having carpet in your home are the stains and spots that are sure to occur. This can be while you are sitting at the table drinking your morning coffee that happens to spill. It can be a child walking around with chewing gum that drops on the carpet. Even a pet that has an accident is enough to cause a stain on the carpet. The possibilities of carpet stains are really endless and knowing the best way to clean them is important. There are specific types of cleaning tips for the type of spill that you are dealing with. You need to know what to do depending on the stain so that you don’t make the problem worse.

DM Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Steps to Take When Removing Mud From Your Carpets

Let Mud Dry on Carpet: When you read about the best way to take care of a spill on your carpet whether it is coffee, red wine or sticky candy the first response is to work fast. You need to get to them quickly to stop it from spreading out and making the area that is stained larger. Moving fast on carpet stain cleaning is important but not when you are working with mud. Mud is dirt and water that has been combined and tracked in your home. It could come in on the bottom of your shoes or your pet could track it in on their paws. You want to stop and just let the mud sit there! This is necessary to allow the mud to dry and leave just the dried dirt on the carpet. It might be hard to let it sit but if you want to clean it without increasing the area that has been stained you need to. You can add a fan to the area to help dry it out faster.
Scrape Off Dried Dirt from Carpet: Now that you have a dried out dirt patch you need to detach it from the carpet and fibers. You can do this by taking a brush and wiping at it to break it apart. Now that the dirt is broken away from the carpet you want to remove the debris by using the vacuum. You can use the full vacuum or the hose if you want to be more exact. You may need to follow back up with the brush to continue removing the dirt then vacuum the area again.
Spot Clean Carpet Discoloration: The last step is to clean the spot with a mixture of vinegar and water. You can wash the spot by spraying the area with the mixture then dabbing it away with a clean cloth. This will help with the left over discoloration and leave the carpet clean!
Prevent Muddy Footprints from Getting in: If you want to try and reduce or prevent mud from getting on your carpets you can use mats outside. When guests arrive they will be more inclined to wipe their feet when they enter if there is a mat available. It also helps near the back door where your pets are often found coming in and out.

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