How to Get Dried Red Kool-Aid Stains Out of Your Carpet & Rugs in Peachtree Corners, GA

When you have kids around your house they love to drink juice. The juice that they might be choosing is a childhood favorite and that is Kool aid. This is a brightly colored drink that you can buy at the store in small packets. You mix it in a jug and use sugar to add sweetness. Lastly you mix in the right amount of water and stir. This sugary drink is a favorite summer time snack for kids of all ages. When the kids are heading around with juice they may end up spilling it on the ground. When they are outside and spill, a quick spray with the hose will take care of it. Sadly if they happen to spill in the house and on your carpet the mess is not so easily cleaned up. This is one of the top spills that people end up with on their carpet. This causes most homeowners some stress because of the aggressive colors that the Kool aid comes in. This can be hard to clean and remove the color but if you use the right method it can be done. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines the steps to take to get kool aid stains off your carpet.

Soak Carpet Stain First

When you see any stain that has been spilled on the carpet and it is in liquid form it is important to soak first. This is the process that you use to get as much of the excess liquid up and away from the carpet. The faster you get to this part of the cleaning process the better the outcome will be. The liquid will soak into the fibers, then the backing and lastly the padding. The more that it has time to soak the more it will spread as well. The best way to soak up the liquid is to use a cloth or paper towels. You want to press it in the area that has been affected and use a clean spot and repeat several times. Be sure that you do not spread the liquid out by rubbing the area. This will give you the best chance to clean the stain. Skipping this step usually makes the stain much larger.

Carpet Cleaning Solution

Now that the excess has been removed from the area you want to make sure that you clean the remaining stain. You want to make sure that you use a cleaning solution that will not cause damage to your carpets. The best cleaning solution that you can use is one that you make at home. You want to start with around two cups of nice warm water. Then you use a mild and fragrance free dish soap to add to the water. Use about one tablespoon and then start to clean right away. You want to use a clean cloth that you will dip in the cleaning solution and start to clean the spot from the outside to the inside. The cleaning process may take some time because you will need to keep working the area.

Cold Water Carpet Rinse

Now that you have cleaned the color of the kool aid off the carpet you want to do a cold water rinse. This is done by filling a cup with cold water and using another clean cloth. You want to use the cloth to dab the cold water over the area to remove any residue that might have been left behind.

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