How to Choose a Carpet Installer in Tucker, GA & Tips for Preparing for Carpet Installation

Carpet installation estimates are a great way to find out all the options available to you when you want new carpet. There are some questions you should ask from a carpet installer other than the prices and the cost of installation. Hiring the right carpet installation company is just as important as the carpet itself. Here are five questions you should ask to make sure the company you’re hiring knows what they are doing.

Carpet Maintenance Guide

There are many different types of carpet and each of them will have its own level of maintenance. You want to make sure you ask the installation company exactly what level of maintenance the carpet you’re going with has. If you fall in love with a thicker carpet, it will most likely require deep cleaning every to remove stains and there may also be a specific vacuum cleaner that should be used on it. You will also have to consider the lifestyle of your family. Any reputable company will be able to help you decide which carpet would be best.

Carpet Value & Quality

There is value and quality to consider when it comes to carpet. There is also an area where the two will come together. Carpet prices depend on the square footage needed but also depend on what they are made of or the brand. Any company with experience can help you determine the right kind of carpet for you. Once the company knows your budget, the amount you’ll need and the style you prefer it will be much easier to decide. They are trained to give you the best recommendation.

Carpet Install on Stairs

Many homeowners have opinions on whether or not carpet should be installed on stairs. The feel you want to create in your home may help you decide. Carpet installation on stairs takes a little more skill. It requires expertise and diligence to get it right, so make sure you discuss this with the installation company.

Carpet Warranty

All carpet manufacturers have varying guidelines on the warranty of their product. Make sure you have all the information you need regarding the warranty of the carpet you wish to have installed. These warranties typically recommend cleaning and maintenance information. This information is vital to ensure your eligibility for the warranty. Doing so will also have your carpets looking fabulous for years to come. The company should explain all the details, so you are fully informed.

Carpet Installation Cost

Other than the cost of the product, you will need to know the actual cost of the installation. The last thing you want is installation to cost more than you thought it would. Make sure you know exactly how much it is going to cost. There are carpet installation calculators you can use to get an idea if what they want to charge is reasonable.

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Asking the right questions with a carpet installation company will ensure you are totally satisfied with the job. Contact DM Carpet Cleaning for carpet installation services. We offer quality installation and ensure customer happiness. Call us today for an estimate!

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