How Do You Get Matted Cat Fur & Stubborn Dog Pet Hair Out of Carpet in Walnut Grove, GA?

There are many households that cherish the relationships they have with their furry family members. Whether you have a dog or a cat in your home, you know how enriching they can be in your life. As much as we love them, we also know what a mess that can make in your home. One mess that you may be tired of dealing with is pet hair and dander. It can affect the cleanliness of your home in a big way. DM Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you reduce the amount of pet hair and dander that is in your carpet.

How to Get Stubborn Pet Hair Out of Carpet

It may seem like a never-ending battle to try and tackle the pet hair problem in your carpet. However, it is something that you shouldn’t shy away from. Following are some methods that can help you be successful in getting rid of that unwanted pet hair.
– Brush/Rake Carpet: There are certain hairbrushes or carpet rakes that can be helpful in removing a great deal of pet hair from your carpet. There are times that pet hair can get entangled in the fibers of your carpet and that is why simply vacuuming isn’t always the most effective way to remove it. When you brush or rake it out from different directions, it dislodges that pet hair, and you can see it just come out of the carpet in droves.
– Rubber Squeegee to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet: If you have any experience with rubber, you know how easily hair sticks to it. This is what makes squeegees such a great tool in removing pet hair from your carpet. It will require a bit more work when you use a rubber squeegee, but you will remove the pet hair using brush strokes in several different directions for it to be the most effective.
– Baking Soda: This common household item can be one of the most effective tools in cleaning your home. It can be sprinkled on your carpet to help remove pet hair and dander as well. Not only will it help your vacuum pick up the pet hair, but it will also deodorize your carpet as well.
– Professional Carpet Cleaning: Nothing will remove more pet hair and dander than a professional carpet cleaning will. This is the most effective way to improve the cleanliness of your carpet. The equipment and tools that professionals have will remove all the pet hair that is found in your carpet. If you have pets in your home, you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning more often to stay on top of the issue.

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If you have pets that you love but don’t love the pet hair, you can rely on the professionals at DM Carpet Cleaning to help solve that problem for you. We have the experience and equipment needed to get the job done. We can deep clean your carpets as well as remove pet hair and stains. Call us today!

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