How Do You Get Elmers, Gorilla, Wood & Super Glue out of Carpet in Conyers, GA

Your carpets are what keeps the floors nice and comfortable to walk on and lay on. When the carpet gets anything on it that causes it to become hard or damaged, it takes away from the nice soft feeling. That can come from certain types of spills and even dirt. The dirt will start to compact the fibers down and instead of nice fluffy carpet you have dense flat carpet. Another spill that can happen that will cause a hard spot on the carpet is from glue. When the glue spills on the carpet it can become hard and seem impossible to clean off. As long as you use the right methods to clean the glue off the carpet it can be removed.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps You Can Take to Clean Glue Off Your Carpets

Using Heat to Remove Glue from Carpet: There are many types of glue that can be spilled on your carpet. They include hot glue, superglue and craft glue to name a few. The glue needs to be treated in order for it to be removed completely from the carpet. One way you can use to try and get the glue off is to heat the glue up. You need to get a clean cloth and your clothes iron. You can use the clean cloth to cover the spot that has gotten glue on it. Then heat up the iron so that it is hot but no steam is coming out. Take several passes to heat the glue up and it will then soak into the cloth making it easier to remove. The heat will soften the glue and help it to soak into the top cloth.
Use a Butter Knife to Remove Dried Glue from Carpet: If you have a glue spot that is hard and you cannot heat it up you may need to try a different method. Collect a butter knife or another hard object like a credit card that you can use to scrape the hard bits off. Be sure that you scratch the area a little bit at a time. If you overwork the area or you try to scratch too much at once, it can damage the carpet fibers and cause them to fray. Be sure that you work slowly and in small areas. Once you feel like you have gotten all the hard spots off you can use the vacuum to remove the dust and parts so they don’t get stuck in the carpet again. You may need to repeat the process again to get all the parts off.
Professional Carpet Cleaning: If you are not comfortable trying these methods to get the glue out of your carpet you can contact a carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner can come out and pretreat the spot before cleaning it. They can inform you if the glue is not able to be removed and if you need to look into new carpet installation or if you need to have a potential carpet patch.

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