DIY VS Professional Area Rug Cleaning in East Point, GA; How to Clean Rugs in Your Home

More and more homes are installing flooring such as wood, laminates and engineered flooring. In so doing, many homeowners will use an area rug for a soft surface and to help protect the floor from heavy furniture or high traffic. Area rugs are very common and like everything else, they will require cleaning from time to time. DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share how to keep your area rugs clean and when you should use a professional rug cleaning services.

DIY or Professional Area Rug Cleaning

DIY rug cleaning can often lead to permanent damage if done incorrectly. It is recommended that you never do your own area rug cleaning when cleaning antique, Oriental, Persian or expensive rugs. They should be cleaned by a professional rug cleaning service. If you have a rug that is aging and you don’t want to part with it, it may be better to leave cleaning the rug to the professionals. However, common rugs that aren’t made from an exotic fabric are not too difficult to clean and maintain. When a rug isn’t of high value or is replaceable, DIY cleaning isn’t much of a threat.

How to Clean an Area Rug

When a professional or homeowner cleans the rug, the very first step is to thoroughly vacuum the rug to remove all dust, hair, dander and other particles. Some rug cleaners will suggest that you flip the rug upside down and vacuum both sides to make sure most of the particles are removed. Once the rug has been vacuumed you will want to put the rug on a flat surface, if possible on concrete or tile. You will want to buy a rug shampoo that is designed for the fabric that created the rug. Follow the rug cleaner’s application directions or you can use warm water mixed with liquid dish soap. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause dye to leak and the color to fade. Before you begin cleaning the entire rug, pick a small spot that is inconspicuous and test the cleaner first to make sure there are no negative side effects. Wait a few minutes then begin cleaning the rug if you deem it safe to continue. With a sponge or soft bristle brush, dampen and lather the rug with the soap or cleaner. When you begin lathering the rug start on one end. Work side to side and then up and down so you are not kneeling on the wet areas. Give the soap a few minutes to soak and clean the rug. Next step is to rinse out the rug. If possible, rinsing is best done outside using a garden hose. Rinse the top of the rug then flip it over and rinse the bottom. You will want to keep flipping the rug until there is no soap residue left in the rug. It is important that there is no soap left, or the soapy residue can trap in dirt and create greasy dirt stains. Once the rug has been rinsed you will want to leave the rug to dry. While the rug is drying you will want to flip the rug over many time to help speed up the process. About every two to three hours make sure you flip the rug. If possible, you will want to use fans to speed up the drying process. Once the rug is dry and before bringing it back inside, sprinkle baking soda on top of the rug and let it sit overnight. Vacuum up the baking soda and bring the rug back inside.

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Rugs can be time consuming to clean when doing DIY rug cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners come with industrial cleaning equipment which helps speed up the process. If you decide you want to have your rugs cleaned by a professional rug cleaning service, contact DM Carpet Cleaning.

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