Common Disinfectant Mistakes in Stone Mountain, GA; Don’t Skip Cleaning Before Disinfecting & More

You likely did not spend a lot of time thinking about disinfecting before 2020 if you are like the majority of people. Most consumers simply grabbed something that smelled nice and wiped down surfaces and called it good. In homes and businesses alike, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a greater need for disinfecting and with it, more understanding amongst the public. Unfortunately, there are quite a few dos and don’ts circulating on the internet can be confusing. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to stress the common disinfecting mistakes people are making to help you avoid them.

Don’t Skip Cleaning Before Disinfecting

To remove dirt and other debris from surfaces is what cleaning refers to, and it uses water and a product like soap. Though it can reduce the amount of them on a surface, cleaning does not kill germs and bacteria. This critical step is commonly skipped, but never should be. Disinfectants are far more effective if the cleaning step is executed first.

Read Disinfectant Label

Despite it being farther from the truth, a common misconception is that all disinfectants work the same. There are unique requirements for use, generally because each product has its own individual concentration. By knowing the proper safety protocols, you learn by reading the labels, you can be sure you will get the maximum effectiveness and protect yourself.

Let Disinfect Sit Before Wiping

You spray and then immediately wipe the surface. This is the general cleaning instinct for most of us. Unfortunately, this is not how most disinfectants work. Disinfectants have a “dwell time” or amount of time they need to sit on the surface they are disinfecting in order to kill germs. Depending on the product, this dwell time can range anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. You are most likely leaving germs behind in the event you are not giving the product time to do its job.

Wear Safety Gear when Disinfecting

Products that are designed to disinfect, such as bleach for example, can be extremely harsh and irritate the skin, eyes, and nose. When it comes to concentrating on disinfecting your home or business, you should ensure to take the necessary safety precautions. Be sure to wear goggles, gloves, and even long-sleeved shirts to protect your vulnerable skin, eyes, and nose.

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