Common Areas Overlooked During Office Cleaning in Union City, GA; Bathroom, Office Desks & More

Most areas in the office are routinely cleaned. The cleaning maintenance of your office is a critical element to your business in an effort to help your staff feel more comfortable in their working environment and ensuring there is a good presentation to any guests. Unfortunately, there some surfaces of the office that accumulate their fair share of dirt, debris, and other contaminants. With this in mind, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the areas that are commonly missed during office cleaned procedures.

Do You Keep Your Bathroom Clean?

Before too long, the toilets especially, are gross since the bathrooms are never thoroughly cleaned. Poorly kept bathrooms create13% of office complaints. More than just an eyesore, seeing toilet bowls not efficiently cleaned, and stained is nauseating. The bathroom looks all the ghastlier with layers of filth on the ceiling vents and lights, dust door frames and baseboards as well as any marks and spots on the walls, and sanitary bins evidently left uncleaned on the exterior and interior. Add unclean drying vents, un-disinfected doorknobs, faucets un-shined, and sinks left filthy and the bathroom is a discomforting place to be to say the least.

How Many Germs are on an Office Desk?

The worst offender, more often than not, are the desks. Due to ill-kept desks stems about 38% of most office cleaning complaints in fact. The average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, new research has revealed! From improper cleaning, the tea and coffee spills are the top culprits of the stains. Creating the right environments for bacteria and mold, the mugs are often left behind filthy or not properly cleaned. Leaving the desk in disarray any folders, documents, and other paperwork is left untidy. Especially in our current situation, the phones and/or headsets, computer monitors, keyboards and other equipment are being left un-sanitized.

How Dirty are Your Carpets, Rugs & Floors?

At best your employees are vacuuming the carpeting or rugs and running a dust mop over hard surface flooring, so unless you have a quality service cleaning company, the floors are not being rightfully cleaned. Along the edges, corners, and around the legs of furniture, dust and debris buildup and there are likely beverage stains on the surface and chewed gum wads under the furnishings. The pollens and filth will add potential allergens and ailments and the stains and debris on the flooring is an eyesore

Unclean Kitchen & Break Room

The break room or office kitchen is not only disorderly, but unsanitary in many cases. Common issues include countertops cluttered and in efficiently wiped clean, chair and tables neglected, trash bins left uncleaned, microwave left with food and debris on the outside and inside as well as coffee cups and other dishware is not properly cleaned after use, and the coffee maker left improperly cleaned.

Other Overlooked Areas in Office that Don’t Get Cleaned

The miscellaneous areas of the office that is being neglected includes the projectors, dusty cables, handrails, elevators, and other surfaces such as frames and light fixtures, the glass inside the office, windows, blinds, window frames, and office chairs. All of this leaves the office dingy, gritty, and even drab.

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