Can Water Stain Carpet in Alpharetta, GA? How to Treat & Get Brown Water Stains Out of Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery

When you think about water it’s the last thing you think is that it will stain your carpet and upholstery. Water is the number one cleaning product that is used and is mixed in with many other cleaners. When you turn on your faucet at your home you may think you are getting perfectly clean water. The problem is that the water you get is being collected from the earth. The water comes from rain and show which eventually end up in the rivers and lakes that we use. Many natural water sources are fed into reservoirs that will be treated and sent to your local water supply. The water has been in the earth and has most likely passed through sand, rocks and other sediment. These can end up in the water and will not be taken all the way out. There is an amount of sediment that is allowed in the water that is safe to drink. That means that in the water comes out of the faucet, there are minerals and sediment. These are the actual cause of the water stain.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists What A Water Stain Is & What You Need To Do To Remove it

How Does Water Stain Your Carpet & Upholstery: When you use water to clean or if you have a glass of water and it spills, you need to treat it like any other spill. Water can stain the carpet and upholstery just like any other liquid spill. You may be wondering how water could possible cause any type of stain but it can. The water is not pure and the sediment that is found in the water is the part that will actually leave a stain. The water will dry and evaporate over time but the minerals and sediments will not. They are left behind and will leave white streaks around the area that the water spilled. This can occur on your couch, chair, rug, carpet and any other fabric or upholstery. The spill needs to be treated just like any other and speed is the key.
How to Treat a Brown Water Stain on Your Carpet, Rugs or Upholstery: The cleaning of any spill really is pretty similar. A few main items that you will need for any kind of spill is a clean rag and some type of cleaning solutions. The cleaning solution that works on sediment is usually an acid. The acid that is used most commonly in cleaning is vinegar. Although this is an option, it is hard to know if the vinegar will have an adverse reaction to the fibers on your carpet. A better option that is safe on carpets is to use warm water that is mixed with about one tablespoon of dish soap. This needs to be sprayed on the area and allowed to sit for about ten minutes. You need to follow up the spray with some way to agitate the carpet either with your fingertips or a soft bristle brush. Then use a wet/dry vac that will remove the excess water and the sediment at the same time. If you are struggling to remove any stains you can use a professional carpet cleaning company.

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