Best Pet Stain & Odor Removal from Carpet & Area Rugs in Johns Creek Georgia

We love our furry friends. Our pets are an extension of family; loved beyond measure. The majority of pet owners have dogs and cats who provide friendship, loyalty, entertainment and companionship. But every now and then accidents happen; and we are left with little surprises. More seasoned pet owners know exactly how to treat nature’s stains, but then are those who need a little advice.

D&M Carpet Cleaning have prepared some quick tips on how to remedy those pet stains and odors

Cleaning New Pet Stains out of Carpet & Area Rugs

Soak up as much of the stain as possible. Using newspapers or paper towels, absorb as much as the mess as you can. The quicker you are at attending to the accident, especially if it is urine; the easier it will be to remove the spot and odor. If you have newspapers, lay down a layer of them first, another layer of paper towels, and one last layer of paper towels. Stand on the padding for a couple of minutes. Repeat the process until the area is only lightly damp. If the business is number two, be sure to dispose of the chunks first!
Do a test patch first – Use your preferred cleanser to do a test patch in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it will not compromise your carpets fibers and color. If your choice of detergent is carpet safe, apply generously to the spot and gently blot it. You may have to repeat a few times for the darker stains.
Rinse thoroughly – Be sure to rinse with water thoroughly and pat dry the area with paper towels until damp.
Apply a pet odor neutralizer if needed.

How to Clean Set In Stains from Carpet; Mistakes to Avoid

The above tips are a great start to remove any carpet stains, whether they are new or set in. Here are some tips on mistakes to avoid:
Avoid steam cleaners! The heat will permanently set the stain and odor in by bonding protein into the man-made fibers.
Avoid using products with intense odor such as ammonia or vinegar! Your pet may be offended by these strong aromas and encourage them to eliminate them by urinating over the spot again.
Avoid using neutralizer cleaners until the offending spot is completely rinsed through! Any traces of a non-protein based substance will weaken the effect of the enzymatic cleaner. Instead of neutralizing the stain or odor, it will do its work on the chemicals left behind.

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If a urine stain has soaked into the carpet, and into the padding below, cleaning and removing odors will be extremely difficult. In this case, and if you the stubborn stains are proving most troublesome, the professionals at DM Carpet Cleaning can get those tenacious stains removed with our high quality equipment and detergents.

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